brothers of malana
brothers of malana brothers of malana brothers of malana brothers of malana
brothers of malana amlan brothers of malana brothers of malana

From the film grew an idea from an idea grew a tree

People get the government they deserve. My meditation on democracy made me realize that whoever feels that there needs be a change in our political system have to act themselves. This change can only evolve from within. I’ve never been an activist, I didn’t ever have a political ambition but now somehow I’ve felt this strong natural urge to act. And as I have started my act I’ve realized that there have been so many actors preparing their stages or waiting for the play to begin.

Malana restored my faith in power of trust. Old priest Budheiram once told me, ‘If you can love, you’ll be loved in Malana’. He taught me to love and keep no expectation. It changed my life. Brothers of Malana is not just about Malana, it is a belief. An approach to re-orient our values. If we selflessly start contributing our wealth and wisdom for the betterment of our surrounding we can create a much healthier earth for our progeny to live in.

If you believe you can be a part of this brotherhood please join the act and choose your role. Imagine…together we can grow as a networking of like-minded souls with a definite idea… together we can change our world.

brothers of malana



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We aim to develop this site as a social communication network for our brothers and a forum to express our ideas. Please send your expresions in any web accessible format... writings (essays, poems, scribles, jokes...), images, audiovisual (music, short videos...) and the site will keep uploading them in relevant sections. This site is for brotherhood, this site is for sharing... our ideas, our love and our despair. You the brother of Malana raise the voice within you, this is your site. Help the tree grow. Just like facebook or twitter we will bom-bom brothers!