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It’s a brotherhood, like minded people joining hands irrespective of age, cast, creed, race, sex, origin or identity… Whoever feels to contribute can do it in their own way, some can donate money, some can render voluntary services, some can provide infrastructure or organizational help and some can just give their moral support.

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‘if we all brothers & sisters together can dump these dirty bombs in the ocean then there will be no fear!’ We spread the message of Nuclear Disarmament. India’s asset is our spirituality, our strength lies in peace, harmony and resilience, they only can raise India to a universal leadership. Time to rediscover ourselves, time for renaissance.

India’s hidden treasure lies in our ethno cultural diversity, in our languages and literatures of thousands of years in our traditional knowledge and folk wisdoms. Time to rediscover a more cohesive nature friendly mode of progress. If only we could eat different, speak different, think different and dream together to form a big brotherhood of India!

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We believe in utilizing existing natural resources of a habitat. We believe in pure earth, no chemical, no foreign agent, all organic. We believe in using nature friendly sustainable resources of energy; local resources for local consumption. By setting up renewable energy sources as community service in Malana. We dream of turning it self-sufficient with green energy.

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We fight against the shortsighted development programs of today, which impose homogenisation and imparts invaluable loss to nature and environment. We spread the message of sustainable development ideas by incorporating and integrating our own indigenous traditional knowledge and technology. Foster development through a process of evolution; BOM-BOM itself is a model we establish.

Rule of majority has turned the democracy in India into an oppressive institution where the prevailing dictatorship of mediocrity has been taking its toll on our cultural diversities. We believe in democracy of trust and to achieve that we feel the need to empower villages by making them economically independent so that they run their local self governance. If we can restore the democracy of Malana - the democracy of consensus then their form of self-governance becomes a role model for gram swaraj.

We aim to create an interactive platform where people can share their thoughts and opinion on how to work towards a more inclusive form of democracy. Lets analyze and raise a debate on the political system of our country: Do we need these political parties? How do we establish a proper representation in the parliament? Present system of breaking constituency just on the basis of population has given the power of policy making to a few populous mainland. Raise demand for constitutional amendment and beaurocratic reforms. Lets get the wise people to think, youth to act…

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We campaign for the Legalization of Cannabis in India (at least in regions)

a two fold campaign program
a) A humble campaign to spread the right message to the non-consumers; cannabis is part of our culture, tradition, shiv-bhakti. Rather than raising a debate on pros & cons of it, show them first the ill effect of prohibition of cannabis. How the ban has promoted consumption of alcohol and chemical drugs, all of which are industrial produce. The effect of both alcohol and chemical drugs can not only be fatal but also there are innumerable cases of violence induced by these intoxicants, specially domestic violence. Alcohol induces fight, Ganja makes peace.

b) A not so humble demand to review the narcotics act that doesn’t distinguish cannabis from other deadly drugs like cocaine. On whose interest have we formulated this prohibition? Who will decide about the laws of our country? Get into a legal battle, challenge the present constitution with evidences to support the decriminalization at least in regions where livelihood of people depends on it.
The present UPA govt is in power with votes of less than 12% of entire population of India. The percentage of population who can express their tolerance towards the banned item cannabis is surely more than that.

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